Moorefield Wind Project!

Mr. Roubos spent years trying to get a wind turbine on his property. He got a FIT Contract Offer, but was not able to construct all the pieces in time. He asked for an extension of his FIT contract offer, but this was not allowed. The wind turbine pieces were laying in his field for more than two years. In partnership with LIFE, we applied for a second FIT contract in September 2015. We received notification that we got the contract at the end of the August 2016. 

This is a fantastic investment opportunity! Class A.3 shares are now being sold to finance
final development and up to 25% of equity ($350,000 est.).

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Project Details

Location: Wellington County, Ontario
Turbine: Vestas V47-500 kW
Total project cost: $1.4 million (est.)
Partner: Roubos Wind Energy Inc. (co-owner)
Consultants: Free Breeze Energy * The Paragon Group * Radicle Works