LIFE's Community Fund

(Application deadline extended to September 14, 2017)

LIFE’s community fund was created as a way for our co-op to further invest in the future of energy by contributing to the communities in which LIFE projects and members are found. The Fund is aimed directly at supporting initiatives aimed at the environment, and especially those engaging youth and furthering their education.

LIFE has committed to distributing an amount equal to 10% of declared dividends through the Community Fund. Our Community Fund accepts applications on an ongoing basis and awards funds once per year. Applications will be reviewed and recipients selected by the Board of Directors based on a range of criteria (see below). The amount of funding available will vary by year, and special circumstances will be taken into account, so applicants are encouraged to request the amount according to their needs.


Applications from Registered Charities and Incorporated Non-profits are invited, and we also encourage applications from non-incorporated community groups and initiatives. Any one organization cannot receive more than $1,500 in one year. Unincorporated groups and one-off initiatives will be limited to $500 per year.


Selection Criteria

Sector alignment: project is related to energy, renewable energy or the environment

Community benefit: project provides measurable benefits to an identified community or group

Local: project takes place in or impacts communities where LIFE operates (southwestern Ontario generally)

Aligns with LIFE’s values: the board will seek to ensure that the project or organization aligns with the seven co-operative principles, and that funds will be directly used to further the Fund's objectives.

Organizational history, mandate, and personnel, and/or references.


Application Process:

We are currently accepting applications for our Community Fund. Applications must be returned to LIFE Co-operative in electronic and hard copy by (NEW Deadline!) 5:00 pm on September 14, 2017 to be eligible for this year.

Click here for the 2017 APPLICATION FORM

Winners will be announced and presented with their award at our annual general meeting in November, 2017. Recipients will be notified in advance and are encouraged to send a representative to the meeting to receive their awarded funds.



Community Renewable Energy Waterloo (CREW) was granted $1500 to enable their Power $aver Network to move ahead with its classroom-based energy education, which included sponsoring T-shirts for the student participants.


The Waterloo-Wellington Science and Engineering Fair received $500 in 2016 to help send participants to off-campus sites to learn more about waste and energy management in the Region of Waterloo.