LIFE 2016 Year in Review

Though 2016 may not have been the world's cheeriest year, overall the year has been quite a success for our small community-owned renewable energy co-operative! 

2016 was LIFE's 10 year anniversary, and so we celebrated this summer with a fantastic BBQ and potluck with our members. We also used that happy time to announce dividends, so lots of celebration all around! 

On the solar front, all 18 of our solar projects are officially up and running, with the last of the paperwork wrapped up early this year by our fantastic manager Shane Mulligan. Through the partnerships we have across southwestern Ontario, our projects are producing 3010 kW, or enough to power 345 homes! 

Moving on to the wind front, we moved forward massively on the Moorefield Wind Project. We received a contract with IESO under FIT 4 in the summer, put up the wind turbine in October, and had our offering statement approved in November. Now anyone can purchase shares in the Moorefield wind project through our new offering statement. We are hoping to raise at least $350,000 in A.3 shares over the coming year.

So 2017 is shaping up to be a busy time for us on the board of directors as we aim to link members and non-members with the Moorefield wind project. We'd love for people to get in touch with us about this opportunity - and you can check out more information about A.3 shares here

To learn more about investment opportunities, we are going to host several info sessions. Our first one is in Kitchener on January 31 - please RSVP and invite your friends here:

From all of the directors, we wish you all a happy new year. We hope that 2017 will be filled with even more renewable energy! 

- Sylvie Spraakman, Board Member