LIFE is a member-owned co-operative building community renewable energy projects in Southern Ontario.


You can invest in LIFE today! We are currently selling Class A.3 Shares which will finance the purchase of a 51% stake in the Moorefield Wind Project. Hurry, this offer ends July 31, 2017!

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Our Beginning




LIFE Co-op started off in 2006 with farmers and community members sitting around Linda Laepple's table in Wilmot Township. We started a member-owned co-operative filled with people who wanted to work together to develop our green energy economy.

We have a profound concern for the future of the planet and what we are leaving for our children. We feel empowered when we work together as a community of concerned members in creating a cleaner energy future. We are also able to give a solid financial return to our investors, which feels pretty good in today's investing environment. And sometimes we just enjoy the company.


“I invest because I have always wanted my retirement income to be harvested from the wind and the sun.”

— Linda Laepple, Director and Founding Member


LIFE develops renewable energy projects - so far solar and wind projects, but we're open to other technologies where these are feasible. We're able to do this because our members and investors purchase shares in the co-op; the co-op then invests the funds into the development of renewable energy facilities, often in partnership with other owners. Once projects are up and running LIFE receives its share of the profits, which it distributes to its investors, annually or semi-annually.

To date, all of our projects have been developed under Ontario's Feed-in Tariff Program, which offers a 20 year contract to purchase the power produced by our facilities. We work in partnership with landowners - usually members who co-own the facility on their building or lands.

LIFE's current projects are all located in Southwestern Ontario, in the Counties of Wellington (4), Huron (2), Bruce (7), Dufferin (2), as well as the Region of Waterloo (3). Our latest, the Moorefield Wind Project, is also located in Wellington.

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Investment Opportunities

LIFE just won a 500 kW Feed-in-Tariff Contract Offer for the Moorefield Wind Project! We are currently inviting members to invest in Class A.3 Shares, available in bundles of 20 shares ($1000) per member per year. The funds will be used to finance research and development of a number of new project streams.

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Solar projects installed and operating


LIFE's ownership share in these facilities

3085 kW

Contract capacity across 18 Solar Projects


Become a member 

Membership is open to all residents of Ontario over 16 years of age. Becoming a member means you have a say in how the co-op runs, what projects we invest in, and allows you the opportunity to invest in our projects. 

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